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What is Meherazad and where is it?

Meherazad is a property near the village of Pimpalgaon Malvi in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India.  It was the home of Avatar Meher Baba from the late 1930s to the day He dropped His physical form on 31 January, 1969.  After Meher Baba's passing His close disciples (both men and women) whom He called His Mandali continued to live there until they, each in their turn, died.  The last one to go was Meheru Irani who passed away two days after she had a very severe stroke, on 21 April 2012.  Visitors often compare it to paradise, and it is so in many ways.

Plants in Meherazad Gardens (Men's Side)

Meherazad consists of a main bungalow and a smaller cottage on the women's side and rooms, the main Mandali Hall and rooms for the male residents on the men's side. It is set in beautiful surroundings, thanks to the loving care of the gardens from the very beginning. Baba's main female disciple Mehera Irani was very keen on gardening, and her example was followed by her neice Meheru and also by Falu Mistry who is the Trustee managing Meherazad. Close by is Baba's Seclusion Hill where He did very important Universal work, including the Manonash (destruction of the mind) work. 

Sunset over Meherazad Archives

Meherazad Archives Gates

Meherazad Mandali Hall and Verandah at Night

Full Moon over Meherazad

Meherazad has been designated a site of world pilgrimage by the State Government of Maharashtra. Each year thousands of pilgrims are welcomed to Meherazad between 1 July and 28 February each year. Meherazad is open to pilgrims between 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays throughout the pilgrim season. It still remains a residence to Meherwan Jessawala who has been with Baba since he was born and who is the younger brother of Eruch Jessawala, Baba's interpreter and constant companion. Apart from him, Falu Mistry is the Meherazad Trustee and also has met Baba and known Him since birth. Other volunteers live and work in Meherazad and in the nearby Meher Free Dispensary.
Family Lunch on Meherazad Mandali Hall Porch, 31 Aug. 2012
Life in Meherazad is much more quiet and solitary than life at Meherabad.  There is no social life in the sense that there are no neighbours and friends from the Baba community to visit in the vicinity.  We are more than companions, we are family.  We have to be, because without the feeling of family it would be really hard to face all the challenges that Baba throws at us day after day.  Also, having lived years in Meherazad as caregiver for first my uncle Eruch and then my aunt Manu (Jessawala) I realise that here He brings us to a life where we depend on Him for most of our needs - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
The biggest lesson I've learned from living at Meherazad is that He will not allow me to become complacent.  I don't regard myself as a resident, I am just here at His pleasure, for as long as He has work for me to do.  Once that work is over, if He wants me out of here, then I will go.  Where?  Baba alone knows the answer tothat one!! 


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